Multiple Agents will help me get sold quicker, Right?

Nothing could be further from the truth than this. Having more than one agent marketing you biggest asset is going to get you exactly the opposite of this along with a very strong possibility of getting you a lesser price.

Let me explain my viewpoint on this. For some reason a seller thinks that more agents equals more buyers. Once again nothing could be further from the truth. At any given time there is only a certain and definitely finite number of buyers interested in a specific street or area, in a set price range.

Think of a fish pond there are only a set amount of fish in the fish pond available to you. It doesn’t matter how many lines you put in the number will not grow and the more fishermen the less fish for each of them.

This now has a knock on effect as your position of strength from a negotiation stand point is weakened considerably. The competition has now moved from buyers to agents. Each agent will come running with poor or low offers and try convince you to accept. The agents are all afraid to negotiate and be patient as they have no sense of security and fear that another agent will be there before them.

Another possibility is that there will be agents who will now use your open listing to sell their sole agency listings. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot now. You call in a few agents go through an interview process and select the one that you think best fits with you and your plans. With the knowledge of your commitment they begin a proper marketing process and creating interest in your home. They get a few interested buyers and don’t feel the need to accept any low ball offers. They can negotiate from a position of strength and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

You as a seller have one person to hold accountable for the marketing of your home vs having numerous agents and no accountability.

So whatever your choice, make sure you select one agent and give them all your support.