Price right and sell……

In-depth knowledge of market trends may just be key to selling your property.

I met an amazing couple the other afternoon for a sales advice chat and as we went through all of the data collected and what the expectations were. It reinforced that as estate agents we need to be sharing our knowledge and educating the sellers or potential sellers constantly.

While they were marketing at X price there was another property with double the rooms and an income earning property at just under 10% lower on the market close by. It may seem marginal but in today’s price sensitive market there is very little room to price high and negotiate down. In fact you have more chance of spending an extended time on the market while seriously damaging the marketability of your home.

This as a rule of thumb will directly influence what you put in your back pocket.

Take the time to hear your chosen agent out with regards to pricing and marketing strategy. You called them in for a reason. Be cautious of agents that are prepared to price high and charge lower fees as they may just be all about quantity vs quality.

I hope this helps you in your property journey and loads more little bits of information will be posted as I go from day to day